Acqua e Farina Services for companies

Acqua e Farina means services for companies, the ideal partner for:

  • Banqueting, dinner and meeting
  • Location for groups work and lab
  • Personalized solutions
  • Agreements
  • Team building and formative activities


Meetings, press conferences, company dinners. Acqua e Farina restaurant offers wide and bright rooms available also during the closing hours for group works, stages or creative laboratories.

The efficiency of the staff, that will look after every decision of yours, will relieve you from every organisational burden.

Knowledge and reliability will lead the selection of every detail, because nothing is underestimated when the name of your company is in the game.

Quality will be the main factor for the choice of the dishes, a wine and food proposal coming from the continuous research of our expert on the market, to find solutions that are well adapted to every specific exigence.

All this to create customized solutions suited to your budget.


Acqua e Farina offer to the companies a service of real quality and efficience.

Banqueting, dinners and company meetings are curated in every single detail, with the objective to valorize to the maximum the brand.

For our customers we select and offer the best raw ingredients on the market, offering solutions well adapted to every exigence and budget, set in a stunning and exclusive location.

On disposal our wide open space with the mill, the veranda, the small and calm little separate room and the two new rooms dedicated to events and meetings.

To get informations on the rooms and for a quote, HERE you find the dedicated section.


Our catering service is always at your disposal, to help you in the organisation of your company meetings. With competence and reliability we’ll look after every organisational aspect of the event, offering a quality service and first class products. A big organisation for a moment to remeber, whatever is your desire: a full catering, an aperitif or a simple coffee break inside your working day. To get informations and quotes, contact us at

Coffee Break
If your meeting requires only a half day, or even a full day, enjoy a good break. The inevitable espresso is undoubtedly the main character, but why don’t combine it with some tasty sweet or salted delicacy? Fragrant croissants, pastry desserts, filled sandwiches and piadinas, fruits and vegetable cruditèes, cold dishes with pasta or rice: following your disposal we are ready to offer what you believe to be perfect for an energizing break.

For the ones who want to end in good style their day after a long working day, a relaxing aperitif is the best solution. At Acqua e Farina we have all the necessary to amaze you also apart from the usual meals. Drinks, cocktails, 100% fruit and vegetables centrifugal juices and every kind of drinks are waiting for you, everything followed by light and tasty food prepared by the expert hands of our chefs. Tell us what do you prefer, wich are your tastes and how many people there will be: we will look after all the rest and we’ll make your end of the day a unique moment for you and for your colleagues.

Team building

How do your teams get by when it comes to cooking? For the companies interested in valorizing the importance of working in a nice relationship context, Gruppo Ethos organises team building activities. These activities focus on the development of the specific tasks of every company, creating a sense of identity in every component of the working group.

Making pizza
You are best colleagues, but how do you manage a pizzeria? Followed by our pizza makers you will learn how to work the dough, how to choose the right flours and how to use ingredients in the right quantities. And in the end, pizza shovel ready and cook the result of your abilities. – Also in English language

Coocking class
Get rid of your shirt, here you dress only apron and chef’s hat. You are used to discuss on analysis, projects, previsions, costs…but how do you manage cooking fires? You will learn how to cook together with our chefs, with a warning: you’ll have to eat your masterpieces. A rolling pin may be more fascinating than a pc keyboard. – Also in English language -.

Beer Tasting
Discover the beer world of Birra Libera with our professional staff. Selection of beers matched with our chef’s recipes. During the dinner we will explain both tasting charachteristics and different producing methods. Impossibile to remain serious! – Also in English language –

Coffee experience
Smell the coffee grains, toast them and grind. At the end, create your own blend together with an expert master coffee roaster. An experience of a thousand scents, with final degustation of three blends of Arabica and Robusta qualities and cultural and historical informations about the coffee world. Coffee making laboratory and coffee tasting may be linked to an experimental dinner studied by our chef based on…coffee. –Also in English language